Feature request - camera sensor

I would like to request a feature (or at least open up a conversation relating to the particular feature mentioned in the header of this post). Also whilst choosing a category I found it surprising that there is not category for ‘request/suggest a feature’.

Obviously I have just turned up like 'bobby out of the shower (for those old enough to get the pun), and I don’t want to seem demanding. Just picking up from where I left off.


Hello @FamousMrThomas, thanks for sharing this request. Would you be ok to share a bit more about what you are wanting to see?

We do have a specific category for feature requests that you can always access and post to here:

I’ve gone ahead and updated the category on this post to a feature request.

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Hi Matt,

Great to speak with you. Thank you for the category change, I must not have seen it looking through so sorry and thanks.

As for what I think would be awesome, is if there was a camera and mic sensor that sat with the other sensor blocks. It could be a block that maybe had restrictions as far as a developer having access to the camera and sound from a recording point of view, but able to use the mic and camera to act as a simple switch for macros to be performed. therefore it would be safe for everyone to use.

Hope this explains things more.


Worth mentioning, I know these things can take time to develop if at all, but i was hoping to open a dialogue with developers to see if this is a possibility. As users, when we see an opportunity to further exploit the already available features of android and apple devices, it feels right to pursue it to help make Thunkable a complete solution to code free app design.

Are any of the main developers of Thunkable able to contribute to this topic?