FakeCalculator App

This is an app that will permit you to send and receive messages using the calculator. The goal here is to send messages to somebody else when you are not supposed too or just when you don’t want people to think you are texting to someone. The Calculator is working just like a real calculator and it is easy to use, Just click the top right part of the calculator to access de Message section and quickly go back to the calculator by clicking the button on the top left the corner.

This is my first app made with thunkable, I hope you will like it, You can download it on google play here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=appinventor.ai_gramond1_louis2.SecretCalculator



This app is kind of geniues! :joy: Great idea!

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Thanks a lot, man, I appreciate :wink:

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If you got the money, you should buy Andres_Cotes’s Chat ListView Extension :smiley: Also the text size of the buttons are a little small, it kind of give it away that its a fake calculator app. the text and number you write do not stay and resets everytime you go back to the calculator, ^^

Keep up the good work!

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What does this extension do? And how do you add extensions?
I am new to Thunkable : D

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Welcome to thunkable! :smiley:

You can see the extension here:

You add extensions by scrolling down to the bottom of the components area, when you are in the designer and then you just import the extension file from your computer :smiley:


Ok thanks

Would it be better like this?

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A little bigger, but then its perfect! :smiley:

good idea very good is your application

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Thankyou :smiley:

Can you please send the extension file? Thank you so much.

I don’t have the rights to this extension as i didn’t make it, @Andres_Cotes did. The only way to get the .AIX file is to buy the extension :slight_smile:

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Oh ok. Where can you buy the extension?

Here: PayPal.me/AndresCotes

  1. Send 10 dollars to Andres Cotes
  2. Send him a message here on Thunkable, telling him that you send him 10 dollars and that you want the Chat listview extension and what your email is so he can send you the extension :slight_smile:
  3. He should send you the extension in about a day, when he has seen your message :smiley:
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Thank you so much.

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Your welcome :smiley:

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How you change package name and remove thunkable name in it

I am not sure to understand, could you send me a screenshot