Face Reconize - help

I am working with two high school students. The idea is to build a facial recognition of students who are present in a classroom, as if it were a student card but using facial recognition. Something very simple. Something like creating a list of recognized faces.

how could i do that?

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You could do that but you need an external API with a machine algorithm that could do a facial recognition.

I don’t know if there is an API like such but you could also try to make your own with python and google functions. The ideal input should be the image you take uploaded to cloudinary so you get a link. The output should be an id or an array perhaps so you can compare it in a data base of your students.

Although, you should consider the reliability of the face recognition script. It’s not 100% accurate.

Sounds like a cool project, pretty complex but possible with Thunkable.

I think this is what you want -:


could you help me find a tutorial or something to inform me about FACEX

I found a better Api -:

Or if you want to use Face X -:

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I will look. And I give you feedback.

Could you give me some tips or give me a tutorial on how to integrate Kairos with thunkable?

Maybe @kartik14 could define better than me.
I am also a beginner type in intergrating Web apis in thunkable.
But pro in finding them :smile:

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Can you help me out now with API integration , have you learned ?

Hi @sakshamgoyal4031–the last reply in this topic was over three years ago now. It is best if you just start a whole new topic if you are looking for information about this. Thanks!