Euros Score Predictor Game

Hello everyone I have created a euros score predictor and am confused as to how I display the points you can get from guessing the score correctly or by 1 goal either way. I have created a variable made to save the score for how many points you have gotten but when I test it the label text comes up as NaN instead of the score. The app is not complete yet so there is still some problems. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.

Link to app: Thunkable

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Hope you fix it soon as the Euros don’t have much longer to run.

Perhaps you can expand the app to include domestic league matches, Champions League, and other International tournaments.


When you have a project with multiple screens, you need to explain which screen(s) the problem is occurring on and which components (e.g. label name) the issue is related to. You may know your project really well but we’re just looking at it for the first time.

A screenshot of the NaN result and the related blocks would also be helpful.


NaN means Not a Number. This means your app is attempting to add a number with a text which results in this error.

Please provide enough info of how to produce this situation so we can give some suggestions.

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This app is just for a school project so with the theme of the euros but thank you for your feedback.

Thank you for your help, the problem is on the results screen and here is a screenshot of the problem when I do a live test:

Thank you very much for your help i will check to see what that text is :+1:

for starters, i made these 2 changes - and they got rid of the NaN results. (it means those 2 variables were not initialized to a valid value).
i didn’t get a chance to study the computation blocks inside Results - you should go over it to see if you’ve got all names right or the compare conditions (ie. equal or not_equal, etc) are right - the variable names are too similar.

here’s the link to the project (only 2 minor changes)

Changes to Home Page

changes to Results Page

good luck!

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Thank you very much for your help!

I hope it helps.

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