Ethernet Internet Explore - the new, secure, and fast way to browse

Introducing Ethernet Internet Explore, also known as EI Explore.
EI Explore is a fast and secure way to get things done.

EI Explore doesn’t remember your browsing history.
EI Explore doesn’t remember your browsing history. We want to make sure that privacy is in your control, and not being saved onto the Internet where anyone can find it.

Share and send instantly
You can send your current webpage to your default browser in two clicks. You can also share the current webpage to another app.

Coming Soon: Galaxies, Galaxies Kids, and Galaxies Go
We are making another version of EI Explore. But it’s going to be so good, we gave it another name.

Try EI Explore now.

EI Explore is limited on websites you can visit when using the web version of EI Explore. To get full capabilities, use the Thunkable Live app.

Galaxies Kids will only be available to kids using a Family Control account with Blaze Kids.

why there is just a option of inserting url

Try it on Kodular or android studio

no it can be made on thunkable

Not working on iOS Or android

hmm but for me it is working

And many things like refresh crashed app


Make sure any link you are using starts with “https://”. If the webviewer disappears, press the “Search” button to go back to the “Explore” homepage.

ok lets try

It’s very complicated to make the URL box also search. To get searching, press the “Search” button to return to Google or Explore.

i have a very muuch gut trick but its ought to reveal

Oh yeah also if i add too many blocks EI won’t work at all. But Galaxies is going to have features like Planet List (saving the last websites you went to) and Fullscreen Mode, and Sign In with Blaze so you can earn Blaze Cash for using Galaxies.