"Errors, warnings and messages" at final step when publish to GooglePlay

Hello thunkers.
This would be my 1st, and im stucked at final screen

Had no ideea how to fix those :thinking:

Later edit:
I guess that for 1st error, i need to fill this:

But where do i copy/paste some link from ?

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Create a website with a privacy policy on it. Copy its link over to the dashboard.

Im just a beginner and this was my 1st try here… Now i need to create a website too ? :roll_eyes: grrr…

Check this post

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youre a lifesaver as usually @muneer thank you…
That privacy policy refers to Indonesia but i guess that doesnt matter, as many things there are generally things, right ? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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This is the Privacy Policy of Thunkable

You can refer to it should you need to.

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… and 1 more thing, if you dont mind… except error, that you solved it, ill ignore those 2 warnings, right ?

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Much better, ill put this

The other two are only warning messages. It is worth to know but will not hinder your app being published.

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