Error during signup process

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I am having trouble with the sign-up process. As you can see, in case there is an error during the process, it should display the text “pay attention”. My question is, when does it result in an error? At the moment, it always creates an error but at the same time creates a user entry in the database, exactly what should not happen.

Can anyone give me a clue what I am not doing right here?

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So when you click that button, does it briefly display “Pay attention” and then go to the “Interests” screen?

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It only shows pay attention, and does not go to the “interests” screen

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Instead of showing “Pay attention”, show the error itself to learn more about the cause of it.

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Right, it says: “There is no user record corresponding to this identifier. The user may have been deleted.” Why is it doing that? I thought this block helps to create a new user. How else can I create a new user then?

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The blocks you showed actually will attempt to log the user in.

If you want the user to sign up then use the [sign up] block. Now you are using the [sign in] block.

I understand that you are checking for errors and using the [sign up] block in the error checking but this is not a good way.

In your particular case, if you move the [sign up] block in place of “Pay attention” then it will work but assume the error was “wrong password” it will not be appropriate to offer [sign up].

Hope this makes it clear

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