Error 502 when inserting database

I had a database from Sheets, but this database does not update and now I get error 502 when I try to add a new Sheets database, I don’t know how to proceed.

Hello @valdemireu59 welcome to the community
I can’t replicate this issue
Have you tried to sync the data source?
If this doesn’t work, you can reset your Google Sheets connection by following the steps in our docs: Google Sheets Data Source - Thunkable Docs

Panets with smaller sizes are included, longer spreadsheets with 15 tabs are not included and I get this 502 error, do I have a limited spreadsheet size, or is it giving an error because I’m not a pro?

@valdemireu59 Thank you for sharing more details
The number of tabs shouldn’t be an issue.
Please check that in every column the first row in your sheet has a value

I think the problem was the number of data saved in this spreadsheet, which made it heavy and resulted in the error. I will carry out some more tests.

@valdemireu59 if you continue having issues please share a copy of your Google sheet in a personal message

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