Entire screen NO LONGER WORKS after screen name changed to contain question mark

I’ve found a big (and quite annoying) issue in Thunkable X. I used to have a screen called ‘Screen 6’. When I changed the screen name to ‘Why Change?’, the screen no longer allows me access to any areas of it - either the to designer or to the blocks (see image below).

Since I also changed the name of every other screen in my app at the same time, I can only assume that this error occurred because of the question mark in the screen name. I really need access to this screen - does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

With a bit of testing, I’ve found that most other characters are fine in screen names - however both question marks ‘?’ and slashes ‘/,’ stop the screen from working completely.

Yes, we need to disable those characters. Don’t add them in any component name.