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I’ve quite finish my app, but I’m looking for a user friendly way to insert records in an airtable table.
I would like to avoid any kind of registration in my app 'cause I prefer not to know and store no data from users.
The app contain beach bars and events for each of them.
Users enabled to send records should be only who can access to the official email of the beach bar.
So I was thinking checking the email account and if a positive results, store a FLAG in a store app variable.
How can I develop such a check system?
OR Can you figure out another way to do something similar?

Is it as simple as having a list in Airtable of valid email addresses and only allowing those users to upload data to Airtable? Then you would just check to see if the current user’s email address is found in that column and if so, allow upload.

…You’re almost there.
The problem is that I don’t know If who is inserting the record (using a form in the app) is the owner of the account. So I need an automation like:

  1. user insert record data and email
  2. if the email address is in the list of authorized addresses, the app send an email to that address with a verification code
  3. the user confirm the insert procedure using the verification code.

Why are you not using Firebase for this? That’s exactly how Firebase works. It requires sign in with an email address and then gives the user access to only part of the data based on that.

But I do see that you want to avoid registration. So maybe there’s a third-party verification system you can use via API to generate codes? I’m not sure.

I mean, you can do all of that with Airtable but it’s complicated. And I’m not the person to help you with those steps because I’m not sure how to do them all.

Maybe, at the moment, my problem is how to send an email via SMTP.
Once I find that, what to send and when to send it could be developed in several ways…

I’ve took a look at firebase authentication but it seems to store and check UID and PWD but it doesn’t send a verification email does it?

If you Google send email smtp Thunkable I think you’ll find some examples that might work for you.

Firebase sends only one verification email at sign up. Beyond that, no, it doesn’t send verifications.

Maybe at last it will be better to use Firebase with some tips…

You can use software like sendgrid or sendinblue to send your other emails. You could use make to automate this process.

Most of the time an app built in Thunkable requires a third-party service for anything like this

Realistically, Thunkable is just a front end UI that often needs to be sat on top of a backend, database/server/auth provider.

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