Educational App. Physics Simulation

Good Day Everyone! I just want to share with you my two published Apps in Playstore.

They are both Educational Apps about Physics Simulation.
**SWAVE. Create and Graph Sound Waves.

**ISIP. Simulate Periodic Motion.

Note that the package name indicates that it was made in AppInventor. But I actually used both the services of AI and Thunkable in making these Apps.

I would like to thank everybody here in this community and the Admins of Thunkable for helping me in successfully developing these Apps.

I am sharing these Apps so that others will also have an idea on what to develop and how to develop their own App.

Highlights of App.

  1. Very Good Design
  2. No crashing when changing screens.
  3. Has a Login/Register button powered by Firebase
  4. The contents were validated by Student and Teachers.