Quick Revise - FREE Worksheets & Question Papers ICSE & ISC!

This app was created with the aim of helping ICSE & ISC board students from all across to India to get free access to question papers, notes and revision worksheets - everything in ONE PLACE AND FOR FREEEE.
(also I don’t make any profit from this I rely solely on donations :smiley: )

Key features of this app:
:white_check_mark:Free access to worksheets, question papers, notes.
:white_check_mark:Question papers for (almost) all subjects from ACROSS INDIA APPROX 1000+ QUESTION PAPERS FOR FREEEEE.
:white_check_mark:Unlimited PDF file downloading without time restrictions
:white_check_mark:No compromising on performance
:white_check_mark:Secured by Firebase & GCP
:white_check_mark: Supported on Android devices (Android 14 also now) (Support for iOS devices will also be released)
:white_check_mark: Clean user interface, simple to use.
:white_check_mark: I will try my best to keep this app as up to date as possible :slight_smile:

Sincere thanks goes to BYJU’S for granting me access to all the past years ICSE papers
Special thanks goes to Shravan Tiwari who scanned all question papers for the year 2023 :pray:t6:

Copyright©️ 2024 Varun Kadapatti



Hello @varunkadapatti
Great app. Thank you for sharing it.

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Thank you :pray:t6::pray:t6::pray:t6::pray:t6:

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Nice App, Did you got all of the BYJU’S ICSE Papers from their Website or from somewhere else?

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I got BYJU’s papers from their official website only

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How you were able to download Files in user’s device?

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Arey you know it took me a long time to figure it out. So basically i uploaded the files to Firebase Storage and from there i copied the “Access Token” it comes liek this: https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/

And then when the user presses download file it opens this link in a web viewer which is invisble on the Download Center page and thats how i got it to work🙏🏿