Editing Thunkable X project in Appy Builder

Hello all, is it possible to edit a project in Appy builder? Since my project and many other members projects have slow to a snails pace and not a fix in sight, I’m wondering if it is possible to edit a Thunkable X project in Appy Builder, just to see if the latency is the same or better. I have a large project and am very frustrated of the fact that Thunkable X is becoming a problem for me and many other members. I have a long way to go to finish my app and can’t work on my app at this pace.

Hi @bobbyj12 - a couple of things worth clarifying:

Appybuilder closed down last year.
Thunkable X projects are cross-platform so none of the older, Android-only builders are compatible.

We’re testing an update that should dramatically improve user experience in the blocks editor, but in the meantime have you checked to see if there are any areas of your project that can be refactored?

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Thanks @domhnallohanlon Good to know about AppyBuilder. I have looked at my project. I’m trying to use Any Component as much as possible. Unfortunately, even though I’m using Any Component, for each switch or checkbox I have to specify what each will do. This is making my project large and I still have long way to go. Any idea as to when the update will be ready? If you need a beta tester, I am more than willing to give it a go.

Got it. Do you mind telling me what sort of app you’re building? We’ve had some examples with switches in the past that I might be able to share with you?


@domhnallohanlon ditto! I have been refactoring and learning how to use the any component blocks but my biggest screen is still close 950 blocks due to dynamic displays and lots of buttons switches and sliders.

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My app has to-do lists, schedule, budgeting, reminders and a few other components.

It would be nice if there were an offline version of Thunkable X. That would save a lot of headache.

It would also be nice to have the briefcase back. This way you could edit your blocks outside your project and then insert them back into your project.

Domhnall, can you explain this?

Appybuilder closed down last year.

I have no information that they closed.

I just logged into Appybuilder. Did they close the IOS area, if they had one.

It might still be available to existing users? There was a blog post about this last year but I’m not sure what the status is, maybe @Conor can bring us up to speed?

The never had one, it’s based off the same platform as Thunkable Classic and it’s just not well suited to iOS apps. Essentially if you want a no-code platform that allows you to install your projects on an iPhone and to publish your apps to the App Store (as well as being able to do this on Android too) then Thunkable X was built specifically for that purpose.

In August 2019, it was announced that AppyBuilder would be merging with Kodular, you can read more about that in this blog post

In September 2019, a roadmap was released answering many questions about the merger, including a timeline for when the merger would be completed.

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Hello @domhnallohanlon. Do you have the examples you mentioned that you could share with me? Perhaps I might be able to reduce the size of my app. Thanks.

I’m still not entirely sure what you’re doing with the switches @bobbyj12, but for a to-do app then this would be a great place to start:

You can actually just copy/paste blocks between screens now, so this should speed things up considerably.

Here is a screenshot of a few of the switched. This screen has 15 switches


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How is that done? I would think copying between projects, like the old briefcase would work. Copying between screens still has the blocks in the same project.

You just use the regular shortcuts, Ctrl + C and Ctrl +V

We’re working on that too - it will be available in a future update later this year.

We made a to-do list app for one of our internal hackathons recently and I’ve been meaning to document the process.

Here’s the first part of a (two) multi-part tutorial:

Thank you for the information.

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Thanks. I know the Ctrl + C. I just never thought of using it. I was looking for something in the Thunkable. I guess I should have expected the obvious. Dud me!

I did that. The problem is, when you bring the block back into the screen all if the referenced blocks don’t reconnect. You have to deselect each component