Drawer Navigator Component Example (with video)


Since most apps have more than one screen, one decision you will need to make is how to navigate between the screens. One approach to this is the Drawer Navigator.



  1. All pages you wish to appear in the Drawer Navigator must be nested under the Drawer Navigator component in the Thunkable tree.
  2. The app will open up on the first screen nested under the Drawer Navigator.



In Closing

I hope you found the example useful my friend. :space_invader:

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Can I click a button to show a drawer without slide to right?

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Based on these 2 posts, this is not supported:

I also just tested this and it did not work as expected. When I selected the button that should navigate to the drawer_navigator, it briefly shows the drawer_navigator and then automatically navigates to the 1st screen in the navigator.

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This is really important because of users not known and apple saying like what is that?
I want to learn more Drawer Navigation 's DrawerWidth has only px? How can i DrawerWidth do percent %?