Drag & Drop Camera and Photo

i am trying to use the new interface.
I find it very beautiful but …
I need to take photos in the app.
But in iphone X thunkable live is not working properly.
First it didn’t ask for permission to use camera photo then I used the old interface and so I was able to get permission.
now in the new interface opens the camera as in the screenshot and it is impossible to take the photo


Please post a screenshot of the blocks you’re using to take a photo.

Thank here the sceenshot



In the Android phone is ok

I’m not sure what to suggest. On my iPhone 11, the blocks you have above work just fine. I can take a photo and it appears as the image component’s picture.

Hi thanks! you’re kind

I’ve the Iphone X with ios 14.4 and not
it works

also then I would like to ask the photos then can they be saved in the cloud? and How?