Drag and Drop Interface Features

Hello! I wanted to ask something about the new drag and drop interface…are all the features available in that? And if not… can you give me some ideas about what apps we can create?

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The drag-and-drop interface has most of the features of the older snap-to-place interface. One of the main differences is the lack of create & clone blocks. Those blocks can be useful if you need to create grids of components (e.g. rows of thumbnail images).


Thank you so much!!! Is the RealTimeDB available?

@coder.a6b asked and answered:

Thanks so much!!

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There is another very significant one you missed.

The new drag-and-drop doesn’t have any video recording at all, and the audio recording is different as well.

I wish it was the same as the Click-To-Place, because that version’s much better when it comes to that :frowning: