Doubts about airtable

Hi, I am integrating airtable to my app and I need to know if there is a limit of queries using a free account, or if there is a limit of users who can consult the database at the same time.
(I’ve been reading and the limit of records per base is 1200 … Is that limit the number of queries I can do or the number of rows my database can have?)

The queries of the users who download the app are read-only and are various.
The only user who has access to modify the database would be me

I was also reading that one of the paid plans says " 6 / 29 for 5 users / month". Those users refers to the total number of people who can access to read data from the database? Because I need anyone who downloads the app to be able to read data.

to clarify:
I want to modify the airtable database by myself, the amount of data is not large so it would reach 1200 rows, but what if it is larger is the number of queries that I must do and I need any user who has my app can consult that data, do you recommend airtable for the application?

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You would also see a limit of 5 queries per second in the API documentation section.

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