Does anyone knows how can I make a "Textinput" in a Web Site?

Hi everybody, I will use a Web Viewer in my app for a special section in which I going to do constant uploads, so I had created a Web Site, with Google Sites, But now I need to generate something like a “Coupon” in the Web Site using the information of the User, Like a “Textinput” Does anybody knows about a platform that I could use for this?

I Need a space in which the user could write his name and the date, and then clicking a button, generates a specific image with a text below in which will be the variable of his name and date

Thanks you very much!!


No simple solution. If you are not afraid of programming and specific solutions, there is an example on scrFramework7 screen.


I don’t think there is a platform specially for this purpose… You might however find some API that implements text into an existing image :thinking:

Cloudinary seems to provide some basic functionality for example:


You could generate a QR code based on the combination of date and username.
Here’s a link to a free API that could help:

Basic format of GET request:

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