Do you actually use the 'View Code' button in the Live App?

Hi @all, I’m creating this poll to see how many users actually use the ‘View Code’ button in the real world, for those unaware, this is what I’m talking about:


The reason for this poll is to find out if that ‘View Code’ button needs to be there at all, and if it doesn’t maybe Thunkable can remove the 20% intrusive white bar at the bottom of the screen on iOS (and currently on Android).

Do you use the “View Code” button in the Live App?
  • No - I never use it
  • Yes - But I only use it Occasionally
  • Yes - I use it on Frequently

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Thank you for your time.

I mean, even if Thunkable just renamed the button to “View Blocks” (which is what it’s ‘actually’ doing) Thunkable could probably make that white bar slide off-canvas without any issue…

You can see the full details of this issue here:

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