Disable Autocorrect in Text Box

Is there anyway to disable autocorrect in the current version of Thunkable? I saw this post: Keyboard without tips but it mentions an AutoCorrect property that does not seem to exist anymore.
I am using the text box as a name entry place for my bathroom visit record app for my students. I have several students whose names get changed with autocorrect unless they are really careful. Most aren’t careful.

Should be in the properties under Advanced tab


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I have to say that as a teacher, I worry about students being limited in terms of how often they can use the bathroom. But perhaps that’s not the case at your school.

I believe that the newer Drag-and-Drop interface does not have that property for Text Inputs. The older Snap-to-Place interface does. It’s under the Advanced tab.

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Yeah, I am using drag-and-drop interface.

As a teacher, I agree with you @tatiang. This app is solely to keep track of who is in the bathroom and when, not limit their visits.

I think I found a workaround. If I set the text boxes to be email addresses, it disables auto correct.