Disable action on image


I wonder if it is possible to disable the click action on image.
I am using the drag and drop UI.
If not do you have any tips to do it except a test on the click on the image ?

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Cover the image with a group component and make it a little bigger in size. It will not be clickable anymore.

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Hi there,

By default, the Image doesn’t have a Click action. You would need to add a ‘when Image Click’ block to your project to make the Image clickable.

Unlike the Button, the Image doesn’t have a visual indication that it has been clicked. Your project will simply carry out whatever action you programmed to happen when the Image is clicked.

If you have a set of actions that you want your app to perform when the Image is clicked, but only if certain conditions are true, you can use Control blocks to define these conditions. You may also be interested in using Logic blocks to define these conditions further.

In this example, my Screen’s background color can change when I click on this Image, but only if my condition condition is true.


I did it but I still have the mouse over that I would like to disable.

So I found a litlle workaround, I just change the image into a button and I disable or enable depending on the use case.
The “problem” in that case is it is a button so on the action we can see it moving (it normal it is a button :wink: ) but I think in terms of UX it is less worst than a mouse over with no action.

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