Different Thunkable Editor UI

I had an old account with Thunkable, and the editor had elements like the accelerometer, timer, and many more. I decided to create a new account with my business email, and I realized the editor UI was completely different, and many elements like the accelerometer were gone. What happened? Where can I find these elements?

When did you create the old account? Thunkable has upgraded from classic to x officially in 11/27/2020 and you could not create a new classic account after November 1, 2019.Or if you are asking for the x thunkable,there are 2 uis now drag and drop with no columns and the drag and drop with the columns. If you did not understand i could put images or other posts so that you can undertstand!

Sohan s

Thanks for your reply. I just realized it was the checkbox when you create the app: “drag and drop interface”