Destroyed graphic - Only on some devices (?)

Hi, my application is having graphics issues on some devices.
It always worked until a month ago.
Yesterday I tried to do an update and then I installed the same version of the application on two devices:

  • iPhone 12 pro with iOS 14.7.1 (does not work - it worked in the past. nothing has changed in the application)
  • iPhone 12 pro max with iOS 14.7.1 (works)

I attach both screenshots
What happen?

:arrow_down: same app, same release, same iOS version, different screens

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This is a duplicate of this post @tatiang @domhnallohanlon

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Thank you, @muneer.

@salvatorepalella00ip Please don’t create multiple topics for the same issue.

If you still need help, provide more details such as screenshots of blocks or component property settings. Use the original topic that you created.

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