DataViewer "on refresh" detection

Hi Thunkers,

Before I put this in my Thunkable Feature Requests, anybody knows any hack to detect when the user does a swipe up in the dataviewer component to refresh the data?

The ideal would be to have an on dataviewer refresh block to detect when happens, but today we have just the call dataviewer's refresh data block to force the refresh, and after, do something. Unfortunately this block does not meet the need to do something when the user manually swipe up and refresh the dataviewer.


Paulo Vaz


Can you give an example of what you would want to do when the user refreshes the data viewer?

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Basically load new data in the datasource that feeds the dataviewer, coming from Firebase.

I dont want to refresh via Firebase listener to avoid that refresh effect that move the list to the 1st line in each change on Firebase, but only when user do the swipe.

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