Datasource update

I am working on an application that uses google spreadsheet as a data source.

When I press a certain button, I am trying to add +1 to the value of a particular cell.

I constructed the app to get the value of the cell, assign it to a variable, and update the cell with the value of the variable.

It seemed to work well, but when I start the app, the update to a single cell is done only once.
If I relaunch the app, I can perform +1 to a single cell only once.

The block is designed to get the contents of the data source cell every time the button is pressed, but even if the +1 is executed once to update the data source cell, the next time the button is processed, it does not seem to read the value that was +1 in the previous operation.

In other words, it seems to always adopt the content of the data source that was read at app startup.

To solve this, I think I need a command that will reload the data source into the app.
Is there a solution?


There is an issue with get value not getting the updated values of the cell. @cassandra can you look into this please?

The workaround is to use get row and then use the get object property to see the updated value of the cell.


Thank you for reply.
I am a begginer.
I will try to your mentioned get row and get object property what can do by that.
Please, reply when you found good solutions.
and, sorry for my poor English.

keep in touch.

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Welcome to Thunkable.

See this example

This will get the column time period of row 1 and will always get the updated value and display it in a label named LabelMsg


amazing!!! It works !!! :grinning:
Thank you !!!

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Thanks for raising this, @muneer and helping @sibkin429byi find a solution!

I’ll look into this with the team.


Please see this post as it has more explanation and I have copied in it another older post with similar issue.