Datasource caching - more aggressive than it was?


I’m doing a lot more with datasources lately. (Mostly the issues tracker, which you can preview here: )

I’m finding that if I have a local database set up in Thunkable and I do anything with it in Live (iOS), those values persist. Closing Live and restarting doesn’t reset the values back to what’s in the designer view. Changing values in the designer view also aren’t reflected on the Live app. Anything that happens in Live seems to be permanent.

This would be fine behavior for a downloaded app, but for testing with the Live app, it’s making things harder. If I really need the datasource reset, I have to uninstall and reinstall the app.

I haven’t tested on Android, but it sound like @gene.arnold9d is having a similar problem over there.

Thoughts? Is that the way it’s supposed to work? Is that the way it’s always worked and I just haven’t done enough with datasources that change to notice it?



I have this behaviour all the time and I learned to live with it.

Whatever you add in live I don’t see it reflected in the designer and had to resort to my memory of what has changed.

I think I mentioned it to Dom couple of months ago.


Oh, no, I didn’t mean that I expected my changes in Live (press a button to add a row) to show up in the designer. I meant that after I’d opened the app in Live the first time, later changes to the datasource in the designer don’t show up in Live.

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Aha, that is new to me. Sorry, I misunderstood you the first time.

Interesting. This is what you are seeing right? I am seeing that too on iOS Thunk Live
RPReplay_Final1626725899.MP4 - Google Drive

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I can confirm to you @bnice this happens all the time and not new.

I have an explanation.
This is a local database this means the copy in the development is local to the development platform and the copy in the Live App is local to the Live App.

When you first start the app from the Thunkable Live App it copies the database as it finds in from the source.

You can try a trick. After you change the local database copy the project to a new name. From the Live App run the new copy, you will see the changes because it will recreate the local database.

The old app will work with whatever data available in its local database. This is why you don’t see the changes.

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