Databases and Building Video Streaming App

Hi all,

I have some questions. I am trying to build an app that lets you stream videos that are stored on a external server, and I can connect air table and work with that with adding urls of videos to play, but I cant get the app to dynamically play a video. I need the blocks to send data between screens, and I cant find how to do that. I wish they enabled code in the editor… but anyway, I am needing some help from someone who might know how to send data in-between pages, so that when an item is clicked, it shows the appropriate video for the selection dynamically in a video player. Thanks in advance!

You can use app variables

Hi, thanks for replying so quickly! May I ask what you mean by that? I am quite new at this :slight_smile:

When the button on one screen is clicked, set a variable to some value that tells you which video to play. Then, on the second screen when that screen opens, read the value of the variable and play the appropriate video.

thanks so much! What would be different if I was selecting items from a list from a database?

You mean…?

Actually, with your previous help i solved it. This is what I did on screen one

Then, when you go to the second screen it pulls the url for the item from airtable and plays the video for the selection.

![Screen Shot 2021-04-06 at 10.42.36 AM|690x319]

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this is the blocks for screen 2

Thanks so much for your help!

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