Database (for retrieving and get data from database) Help! Urgent!

Hi, everyone. I am beginner for the Thunkable. May i know it is some of the database block that I needed for retrieving and save data to database?

The block that I had is shown at the above figure.

Because I search from internet
it need the block like this : image

Thank you and have a nice days.

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Hi @Fan_Fan,

Yes the Save block allows you to store information in your DB while the Get block retrieves data from it.

What sort of app are you trying to build?

Hi Taifun. Yes. The apps was in Thunkable X category.

Hi Domhnall.
I am building a apps about the clubs which to allow people to join.
I had been use it but still cannot.

I am not sure I use in a correct way or not.
Correct me if I had wrong.
Thank you.