Data Viewer List + Firebase + Local Data Source

Ok, this is extremely odd. Is this working consistently on the web, or is the problem in both Live Test and web preview?

It does seem to work well as a web app, yes.

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Would it be possible for you to share the link in a PM?

I’m not ready to share it at this point.

I went ahead and cleared my Chrome browser cache and re-installed Thunkable Live (now upgraded to version 271-1).

For now, it’s all working properly. We’ll see what happens next! :crazy_face:

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Oh, ok. Have you tested the app on both iOS and Android, or is the issue only in one of them?

Only on iOS. I think I may give Android a try as well.

I think I’m going to call it a night because I just Live Tested it again (no changes to Design or Blocks tabs) and now it’s all blank again. I don’t get it.

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I’d better check my DVLs too, in case they’re getting any ideas😨
Hopefully you’ll get it working soon.

Haha, I hope not! Hey, thanks for all your help. Hopefully someone at Thunkable can assist me. I’ve left them some long, rambling tech support requests. Have a good night.

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No problem! Good night!

Hey, does this work for you now?

Hi @codeswept It’s working well as a downloaded iOS app. Not perfectly… it sometimes lists data from different rows in a single DVL row (e.g. a photo from row 5 with a time from row 2). But I’m not seeing any blank rows so that’s at least good.

In Thunkable Live, it’s still really unpredictable and blank rows show up frequently. As a Web App, it works well and I haven’t tested it enough to see if the different row issue also happens there.


I can share the project with you now. I’ll PM you the link.

From the main menu screen, click View Entries. You can choose to show or hide the list viewer at the bottom of the screen.

You’ll need to add some entries by taking photos or uploading them and (optionally) including a description.


Interestingly, I discovered that if I Refresh Data on the DVL when the rows are blank, it crashes the app but… the next time I open the app, the data displays correctly every time.


The issue with the number of rows block was fixed. I agree that the issue here seems to be with reading the data from the Data Source, but from what I can tell right now the two are unrelated.

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Thank you for your clarification.

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Adding a link to a Github issue that explains the data syncing problem between Local DB and Data Viewer List:

Urgh, I’m facing the same thing too now. i have an Airtable with 120+ rows, and none of the data is showing up now. It showed up every single time, but suddenly the data is gone. I’m able to see all the rows (they have outline) but i don’t see any text in them. My data appears on the web.

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Realized something else. I’ve been making a custom bottom tab navigator (button with absolute positioning) after seeing @tatiang’s Photo Gallery app. While the zIndex was 20, the data showed in the DVL, but I changed it to 60 and it just showed blank rows. I changed it back to 20 but no difference. This is on my tab. The data shows on a phone. @tatiang Since you also have a button with absolute positioning, could the problem have started after you changed the zIndex?

I don’t know but it’s possible. If you set it to 60 and the DVL rows are blank, does a Refresh Data block fix the problem? Because with my blank rows, as soon as I refresh and tap Reset, I can see the data again.

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Interesting. Let me try that.