Data View Grid & List Item Long Click

Would be a great feature if we could have what we have for custom data view lists and grids with item click, but also the ability to have a long press, like we have on map markers for example.

Use case: I’m currently providing a user’s followers list via a data list grid. Users are able to tap to visit a profile but would be nice to be able to have a long press to, for example remove the follower.

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YES. I don’t understand why some components have some events and some don’t. If they all had the same events, we could use them interchangeably in really interesting ways. I’d recommend submitting a feature request on GitHub if you haven’t already. Forum posts can get lost over time.

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When a card in the Data Viewer is clicked, the Item Click event is dispatched, allowing you to connect to a data source and view your data.

Yes but that does not answer the original request about long click events.


Thaaaank you