Data Sources: List Of Values from [Column] block does not update during app runtime

yes jane.

Hey @muneer @ozel1978,

Thunkable team member Janhavi has written a fix for this behavior. It should go live next week. Thanks to you both for providing info on this behavior!


Thanks @Jane . Can you share the fix @janhavi has written? I’m still having this issue of Google Sheets data not updating without restarting the app. I’ve used the block Data Viewer Grid - Refresh Data, then relink the field and even reload the screen. No luck.

Hello @khawschurch and welcome to the community. How are you testing your app? Are you using web, live, or native apps? This has been an ongoing topic for a few days, but the Thunkable team has fixed it as far as I can tell.

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I tried it in the browser, also clicked on open in different window, and used the Live app. Same result. It’s possible I don’t have all the needed blocks in place. I’ve tried several configurations of blocks. I simply use a Google Sheet with a hidden data viewer grid, and use labels to display specific cells of the Sheet. I was trying to use a button to refresh the data in the labels as the Sheet changed (changing the Sheet data not thru the app but thru a laptop. Just wanted to have an update button without having to restart the app).
Thank you!

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I think this is a known bug. @muneer can you confirm?

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Yes, the list of values block is an ON/OFF issue and @jane confirmed twice that the issue is solved but it comes up again in different ways.

Hi Robert,
Change your block using airtable block. Dont use datasource.

Thanks ozel1978! I figured out a workaround with datasource after all, which is why I deleted my post. As long as I grab each column in my Google Sheets with the “list of values in” block I can get the most recent data. But I will need to check out airtable too!

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