Data List/Drawer menu slowed down - Apple didn't accept my new release

Hello everyone,

Apple just rejected my new release from an existing app, the reason is that the app takes too much time to perform some simple actions.
I thought it was my device but now i guess it’s not just me.

The blocks i’m talking about are these:

To change the screen it actually takes from 6 to 12 seconds.
The “Cocktails” database is a local one (i thought it would be faster).
I just need it switches screen fast, as in the one afterwards there are already some loading icons.

Believe me when i say i tried every single option (get data from airtable, get row object and then load with “get properties”, get data from local database, get data from variables, ecc…)

  • This one takes up 4/5 seconds
    In general the drawer menu takes 3/4 seconds everytime i click on an item

Did something change recently about drawer menu and data list?

Thank you for your help

Hi @maurizio.polverini89 ,

is your DVL connected to an Airtable database? If yes, I had similar problems with things slowing down. My solution was to switch everything from Airtable to firebase and use a local database for the DVL. Don’t forget to switch the local database from “Stored data source” to “App data source”!

If you need more details I am happy to help you further.

I’m already using Local Databases to make sure it loaded faster. Once opened the screen, the app gathers few info from airtable, but it’s ok if it takes time as there is a loading icon ready to support, i’m not worried about that.

I’m having these issues on Local Database and ToggleDrawer Menu.

Local Database is set to App Data Sources as there’s nothing to be changed in that specific database.

Looks like same issue ?