Darren's Thunkable Toolkit

Welcome to Darren’s Thunkable Toolkit

My hope is to bring all the links and resources you need here in one place. So bookmark this page and anytime you are looking for help or inspiration check out a linked YouTube channel, an app from my Remix Vault, or one of my guides.

Happy Coding!

Quick Thunkable Links

  • Thunkable App Builder - Want to get started on your next no-code app? This is the tool you need!
  • Thunkable Docs - Have a question about … well anything? Check out the Thunkable Documentation first.
  • Thunkable Community - Looking for answers or to connect with other Thunkable developers? Check out the Thunkable Community forums.

My Favorite YouTube Channels

  • Darren Alderman - My YouTube channel where I share the best Thunkable tutorials you can find.
  • Thunkable - Thunkable’s YouTube channel is great for getting a pulse on the latest and greatest new and updates.
  • Domhnall O’ Hanlon - Domhnall does a great job of sharing quick Thunkable tips that a lot of community members ask.

Thunkable App Examples

  • My Remix Vault - Don’t want to start from scratch? Check out my app examples in the Remix Vault!

Thunkable Guides

  • Idea to App Store Guide - Finish your next app in less time and with more confidence with the 6-step Idea to App Store eBook.
  • Maze App Guide - Curious how I built my first app in Thunkable? Let me show you step-by-step in this Maze App guide.
  • Brewbase Cheatsheet - The Web API is arguably the most powerful Thunkable component. This cheatsheet accopanied with the tutorial series will show you how to get started.

What an amazing collection of resources @darren - thanks for taking the time to put all of these together and sharing them with the Community!


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