Custom layout looks diffrent at my phone

Hello , i have a really nice design i thnk thanks to @muneer .
it looks like this at web preview

but when i try on the thunkable app it looks like this ,

First time hitting “sürücüler” tab

then i hit another tab , and hitting "sürücüler " tab for the second time it looks like this

whats wrong here and if you thunkers have any layouts i would like to test them at my app :smiley: .
@muneer we have discussed this too :smiley: , but making fresh new topic .

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Do you mean the first time you only get 10 records?

If this is the case, this is an old issue that no one in Thunkable is seeing at as priority to look into it.

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Yes when i press the first time it shows 10 rows
So is it not fixable?

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You already discovered the solution to this issue.

You said if you go to another screen and then comeback to the screen having the DVL you can see all rows. Which means this is a good workaround for the time being.

Here how you can implement the workaround:

  • Create a dummy screen.
  • In the screen Opens block of the screen with the DVL, add a navigate block to the dummy screen.
  • In the screen Opens block of the dummy screen, add a navigate block to the screen with the DVL.

This should make it work.

Oh okay , i guess i will create 1 dummny screen for each tab navigators.
So at the screen it still doesnt fit , how can i fix that

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Can you explain more, or show some images to be clear? I didn’t understand.

probably i did understand wrong , with those block now my app has infinete loop
so it is not working

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Use similar code

In screen with DVL use this

In dummy screen use this

I added the wait block just to give it time so I can check what happens. You do not need it.

[Another way]

You can use a timer that you set it to FIRE once only (Loop setting should be disabled) so that it will run only once and with this you might not need a dummy screen. Just use the time and test if you set it to refresh the DVL after 1 second or more to make it work.

@muneer its still doesnt work right at my phone
still like this

@muneer what i want to do is actually this :

this layout is actually very similar to thunkable s default layouts

but i really dont understand why cant you just make changes on default layouts and even if i do make my custom , it doesnt work , its really annoying

@muneer , @jared,@manyone i have been trying to diagnose the problem ,
i come up with 2 problems ,
First one is when you hit the first time at "Sürücüler Tab " you only get 10 data .
And lets say after that you pressed another tab , it loads full 20 of them .

When i hit the first time at my phone :

And when i switch to another screen and come back again , it looks like this :

So after second time it loads every data .

And the second one is about custom layout , i was trying with 100% row width but it was looking like this at my phone

but at web live test preview it looks like this

SO i tried to change row size ,
at web preview it looks like this

but at my phone it looks like this

How can i fix those problems ?
PS: @muneer Dummy screeen method didnt work out .
And i m working on at Sürücüler screen
Project link : Thunkable
Layout link(screen2) : Thunkable
google sheet link (Pilots tab) : SON DRL - Google Sheets

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mr @muneer have you tried it out ?

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Yes, I did. Sorry I id not reply to this post. I gave the solution in another post.

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