Custom Data Viewer Layout - Complete control over how your data looks!

Hey Thunkers!

First we had the List Viewer.

Then we added the Data Viewer List and Data Viewer Grid.

Now we are introducing the Custom Data Viewer Layout, which gives you more control than ever over how your data looks!

You can turn any Row or Column into a template for the Data Viewer List or Data Viewer Grid.

Then you can tie any property of the components inside your row/column to your data source - size, color, contents, and more!

There’s a lot to show you, so please check out:

We’re looking forward to seeing what you create with this new level of customization!


I would say only one word, AMAZING!

Can’t wait to test this out! :grinning::boom:

Kudos Team Thunkable! You are killin it! :zap:


Awesome work by the team. Super busy here with school work but when I get a chance I’ll check it out. Ground breaking stuff here for the platform. Thanks guys!




That is really amazing, makes alot of things easier, one question i got, can the custom dataviewer contain buttons or clickable labels? I would like to extend the hight of the column in the Listviewer by clicking on the label or button.


That’s a good question @Christian_Sigge, and not something I’ve tried yet.

Do you mean that the user could click on a button and that would show/hide more options in a sort of drop-down?


:mechanical_arm: :mechanical_arm::mechanical_arm::mechanical_arm::mechanical_arm::mechanical_arm:

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If there is a option to give more than one heart than i will be giving 100’s! :smile: :smile:

I am somewhere also sad because, I recently needed it most and because It was not available yet, So, I somehow managed to complete that app with the traditional Data List Viewer.

However, Great Feature!

Good Luck! For next big announcement! :tada: :tada:


Hello, yes that is what I mean, having colums hidden in the Main Column and make them visible by clicking a button, making them visible should enlarge the main column.

I did some test, but it did not work, it is not a big issue, it would just be very convinient if this would be possible, can you confirm with your team if my idea should work and Im just doing it wrong or if this is not possible.

Thank you very much.

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Dont work ? dont see the button to create a new one

Hey @39hzr3gi2fcvm, :wave:

Welcome to the community! Since this was part of a recent update you’ll need to make sure your browser has the latest version of Thunkable.

Please try doing a hard refresh and let us know whether the new icon appears on your rows and columns.


It’s one main feature in my app design, and no, it doesn’t work atm, steven is aware of the problem, we discussed it here and in PMs

unfortunately it’s not beenfixed yet