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Today I published a new example, which allows the user in his app
via php script to display how many users are currently using the app.

Requires: - Internet connection - A server where you can upload the php script
Features: - The app works with a php script - Show the current online visitor numbers in a text label - Every 5 seconds the numbers are refreshed - realtime app

You can test the app here:
Download Example App

Complete blog entry

If you like it and want in too for your project, you can buy
the source file inclusive php script and short description in the blocks editor.

For more information follow the blog entry here.

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If would be great if Thunkable supported Google Analytics.


Analytics is definitely someone we hope to support in the future!


An alternative to the component is using a WebComponent with Cookies enabled that calls a script.js file with your analyitics code

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As long as Thunkable does not have the component available, this example may help you:!msg/mitappinventortest/fFv7O8bK8Fw/ftawxttEU1MJ

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