Critical error occured with phone

I do not understand the following problem. When I run my application with the test via the mobile phone then the following message is displayed: critical error occured. However if I run with Live test from my computer it works fine …

Can anyone help me ? I share with you the screen5 of my application:

I wish in that if a person passes in an area defined by latitude and longitude then the chrono starts and has an influence on various parameters. However I have the feeling that it is my location sensor that is bugging everything


Can you share a screenshot of your blocks?
Do you have location permissions enabled on your device?

I was talking about the rental sensor unit and not the one on my cell phone. I can’t take a screenshot of everything … that’s why I shared my app link.

I don’t understand, I’m trying from my partner’s iPhone and it works much better without any error message. I tried again and it works fine from my phone with only a few error messages. I do not understand at all where this can come from.