Critical Error, labels not visible connected to Firebase apps not sending data or receiving


It make one more problem Apk files giving the same output which is given when blocks are wrong

It sounds like your blocks are wrong. But you’ve provided very little information about what is happening with your project. Screenshots are helpful as are more details about this situation.


It’s giving option to upload video but can’t process it

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Upload the video to your GDrive and share it then copy the share link in the post. The community software will only allow .gif file and small size videos to be uploaded directly.

Or install Vimeo’s extension and use chrome. Or loom.

^^^ both have free and easy to use options

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Or upload it to YouTube and share the link.

Here is the url @tatiang

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This is not the URL of your project as @tatiang suggested. This is rather a video to show your app is crashing.

Pls tell me what should I do

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Can you tell me what is the issue you are facing now?

Can’t test my app

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Can you share a link to your app so I can look into it and maybe I can see where the problem is?

Apk same output
Thunkable live same output
Thunkable itself no codes working labels not visible connected to Firebase apps not sending data or receiving

Unless you can share a link to your project or screenshots of your blocks, there is no way we can help you figure out why it’s not working.

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Even a button with no codes is giving me same output

This app is made by Darren and it is also giving me the same output

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Thanks @martint

But it only helped in opening the app