Creating a search engine

How to create a search engine that is capable of searching, adding and deleting data from the cloud?

That’s a complicated project. You should research how to make a search engine and after you have an algorithm in mind, ask a specific question about a specific step in the algorithm. It’s helpful if you show your work (e.g. screenshots of blocks, links to a project).

What worked or did not work using those blocks and what is your specific question?

If you’re just trying to find if a value exists in a list (or column), use the Find First Occurrence block: Lists - Thunkable Docs

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I am supposed to follow this image but am unable to find some of the blocks

What are you trying to do?

What does your database look like, what is your search term, and what results are you expecting?

That screenshot has Local_DB blocks which are no longer used. But you can find similar blocks in the Data Sources drawer.

I am trying to create a search engine where it is capable of searching for an existing person’s data and is also capable of adding and deleting user data just like the picture shown

I have a google sheet where it already stores the existing users’ data

I’ve uploaded my copy of Google sheet under the data sources drawer already, but I still don’t see the corresponding blocks that start with the letter in just like the purple blocks in the picture above.

These are the equivalent blocks in the drag & drop interface:

I tried to follow the blocks that you’ve shown to me but when I search for a person’s details, the results still doesn’t come out as seen from the second photo.

Do you want me to send my AIA file to you so that you can analyze what are my mistakes?

There is a known bug with the Get Value block in Thunkable. Please see this and let me know if any of the suggestions work for you: Not all data is been displaye on screen - #4 by tatiang

It still doesn’t work even though I tried following the link that you sent.

“It doesn’t work” is not enough detail to be able to help you. You need to show screenshots of blocks or a link to your project.

Try this:

Modified project link: Thunkable

Thank you very much!

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