Creating a profile page for the user who signed In

I am a newbie to Thunkable and want to create a profile page for users with their pfp, name, age, email, and gender when they sign in, as well as added a button on the profile page for the users to edit any information about them. I am using Airtable as a database.
The issue is that the details are not getting uploaded to the database. There might be a few more bugs in there.
(I am new to using Thunkable, and I may be doing the whole thing wrong so I request that you please provide me an alternative for the same.)
My project link:

Try to look here, i think you are getting a known issue

But the thing is that i don’t want to use data viewer lists there, look at my project.
I want separate details of separate users in text input areas.

I have now changed the database from Airtable to Firebase: Realtime Database.
The data is getting uploaded but won’t display.

Share a link to your updated project or screenshots of your blocks. Without those, we have no way to know why it’s not working for you.

I tried many ways to do the same with Firebase and its fully funtional now.
This is the updated project:-
Anyone whose not getting how to create a profile page can see the (acc_settings an profile screens).

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