Creating a messenger

Hi everyone,

I was just wondering whether it is possible to build a messenger with Thunkable. I have seen some solutions online where you could do that and store a couple of messages in the labels, but eventually, the messages were removed by others and it did not seem possible to scroll back to the first message sent. Is there a way to do a proper messenger storing and displaying all messages?


You will need a database eg Firebase to store the messages, but this can become expensive if you have lots of users. You could set up your own database instead.

Thanks for your response. I understand what I need for the backend, but would it be possible to show all the messages users have sent on the front end? Thunkable provided an explanation video, but there, only a few messages were shown as they were stored in labels and there is only a finite number of tables you can display. Basically, my question is: Is it possible to show all user sent messages from the beginning in a messenger?

Yes. Save all the messages in a database then display them when user requests it.

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you can use a list viewer