Creating a life sim and I need help

So, I’m trying to make a life simulator like the popular games Bitlife and Enclaver. I have my idea and everything already set up, I’m just not sure how I’ll go about making a randomly generated life whenever the player wants to play a new life or even continue there own, if anyone could help me I would greatly appreachate it!

Hi @addiestaatsmfgufj, welcome to Thunkable!

When you’re trying to make an app, it’s important to think about the small steps and ask specific questions. I’m not sure what “making a randomly generated life” means. Can you say a little more about that? Do you need help choosing a random number and assigning it to a variable? What is a small step we can help you with?

You can google how to make a life sim. You should be able to find plenty of information on how to do it.

Then you can translate the logic into Thunkable blocks.

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Basiclly, I have a the basic information for the game. I need the birth date, parents name and ages, siblings if you get any and pets along with the players name. I have every other function besides this one, and its the only important function. Also, thank you so much for helping!

You’re welcome. So are you asking how to let the user input information about themselves that gets saved in the app? You can do this with text input components and stored variables or a local data source.