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I would like you to help me with the following question: I have a list with names in Portuguese and I would like to create a second list from the first one but with the names in English, using Translator1 and keeping the same order.
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Because the created list is not in the same order as the original list. Can anyone help me to solve this problem

That’s very good coding! :grin:

Because you are inserting the item at the end of the list (“as last”), it should keep the order the same.

For example, if the original list is A,B,C then the translated list should get populated like this during the loop:


Can you share a link to your project so I can test it?

The app is a bit long, but I help with whatever is necessary and, privacy is guaranteed, I think, only you will have access to it. It is very important to me as the app will be used commercially. How do I send the link?

You can create a share link from your project screen and then send it to me as a private message on the forums.

Please know that I do not work for Thunkable. I’ve been here on the forums helping people for a long time but I’m a customer just like you.

I’m not able to send Private message, I don’t know how to do it. Someone explain to me how to send a private message. Thanks

You should be able to click on your profile picture at the top-right of the forums page to find the messages feature.

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