Create a translated list

I’ll start by greeting everyone who is here, I’m a newbie, who also has to use google translator to communicate, so I apologize in advance if I have difficulty making you explain, here are my apologies.

Regarding the problem that brings me here is the following:

I have an input list called: TemMenuLinha
I want to translate the fields to a certain language
Placing the translation in a second list called: TempMenuLinha_temp
what is happening to me
The resulting list is being created in random order, does anyone understand why?
What I would like to have is a translated output list and in the same order as the input list.

I come here to ask for help.

I mentioned that your “traduzir” function is in a spot where it won’t finish before the list viewer’s text items are set. That’s going to cause unpredictable results.

Can you try this? Replace the “traduzir” function call block with all of the blocks inside that function. Does that work better?

I tried it too and I’m sorry to say it doesn’t work. The “translate” function has a design error. I would like to see other functions done in another way to do what is intended.
It seems to me that whenever you finish doing a translation list-viewer3 is activated, it seems to me.

Your screenshot has some of the suggestions I’ve made but not all. Can you try changing all of the “in list ___ insert as” blocks to last instead of first? And substitute the blocks for the traduzir function as I mentioned and then post an updated screenshot?

It’s also really important that you provide an example of the inputs to your project and the outputs you’re getting as well as the expected outputs you are hoping for.

The problem is that the order change each time I use list-viewer3

I know you said that and I don’t know why that is happening. It shouldn’t. But it’s very hard to help you without seeing your updated blocks and input/output sets.

Blocks updated. Everything is the same.
input If you find it necessary, I give you access to my airtable with the tables in private message.