Create live poll using firebase (with bar charts)

I don’t know if it was done before, but I want to share this with you guys here. I am a newbie here and if there is anything wrong, please correct me!

Basically, this a quiz app that asks one questions every day. Everyone submits answers and each can see the polling options in live.

What I did is setting buttons as options and then assign a variable to button click counts. The clicks are dynamically updated to firebase and we get the updated value back to our app.

To display the progress bar, I used a button (height set to 2%) and set it width percentage as the percentage of individual clicks out of total clicks.

Hope this helps some one!

Here is the link to the app in Play Store!

If someone finds this interesting, I can post the image of the blocks.

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Of course it would be nice to see the blocks. My next intent is to step into firebase and any working example is welcome. By the way, the illness it’s due to smoking, no doubt about that.

Plz post the blocks

hey there, can you please show us the blocks and screen shots, i would like to see how it was done? your link to the play store also does not work.