Create Horizontal Scroll (Swipe Like) Row

I had the same problem with a project that I was working on. @actech had shared a solution in the past but for some reason it doesn’t work anymore


This project works on iOS 12.2, but it does not work in the Memu emulator (Android).

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Thank you @Nenye & @actech for your contribution.

@actech I tested your shared link and as you mentioned, it’s not working on Android device! I tested on IOS device as well, actually it’s works but not the way I expected. it’s more looks like a floating image on the screen which you can fly it around! But better than nothing :smile:

Hope we find some way to done this :sweat:


Yes, for simplicity, I made a floating image, but you can instead use small images on the buttons, as in your example gif. But it will not be possible to eliminate the floating of images vertically.

I started an issue topic in Thunkable’s github.
I Hope someone respond to it. I got a respond which was kind of disappointing cuz they told me it is not immediate issue for them and they will working on it in the future.
Here is the link of topic in github, hope you guys join the discussion in the topic. cuz it’s depend to us to make this issue immediate for them.

Link to Github topic


Hi again Guys,

After 2days of trying finally I came up with an idea! (Special Thanks to my GF :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::grin:)

  1. First of all I created a Row which contains a Column which follow with 5 additional Colums (Which is our Scroll items)

  2. We name The first Row as Scroll Row

  3. The following Column will be called as Scroll Container

  4. And each Colum inside that Container will be called as Scroll Item1, 2, 3, 4…

  5. Now we set the Height & Width of our Scroll Row to “Fit Contents”

  6. After that we assign the Height & Width of our Scroll Container to “Fit Contents”

  7. Each Scroll Item have Absolute Size of 200X200 and sperate by colors

  8. Set the Scroll Container “Scrollable” option to True

  9. Now we do the Magic Part :grin:
    Set the Transform to Scroll Row as “RotateZ : -1.5708”

  10. Add empty Columns at the beginning an the end of Scroll Container to fix correct position. Read Update :point_down:t4:

Tadaaaaa! :star_struck: With some trick we fool the platform to show a horizontal scroll.

UPDATE: Thanks to @Matias_Zamora
In order to show correctly all items into the Scroll Container, you can add empty Columns at the beginning and at the end of this container (specifying the “absolute size” parameter of this columns), padding the items (your Visible Columns “Scroll Items”) into the Scroll Container.

PS: You have to Set the Transform “RotateZ : 1.5708” to all your Scroll items as well. Pay attention its 1.5708 (Without “-”)

Here is the link to my test Project which could help many of you guys :wink:

( Sorry for any typos or bad English :sweat: )

Link to my Example Project


Wonderful ingenuity @farzam-parto, thanks for sharing! :tada:


your clever solution works perfect for me. In order to show correctly all items into the Scroll Container, you can add empty columns at the beginning and at the end of this container (specifying the “absolute size” parameter of this columns), padding the items (your visible columns) into the Scroll Container.

Link to example project


Amazing :star_struck: Well done @Matias_Zamora

I’ll update the solution post with your idea about Empty Columns

Thank you for your collaboration :hugs: :pray:


Can you create a scrollable row with rectangular components?

faithfully this trick is quite great.i’m loving it!thanks


Yes Why not? You can put whatever you want in your Columns!
Look at the @Matias_Zamora’s example project.

Your test project, unfortunately, does not work correctly on iOS, but I really liked the idea and I finalized it. By the way, your idea allows to create a custom Sidebar!


Actually it’s work like a charm on both IOS & Android Devices. I tested on Samsung Galaxy Note 8, iPhone 6 and Android simulator on MAC. Scroll works perfectly on all of them.
Give it another try with --> Matias_Zamora’s example


I was talking about the project “Here is the link to my test Project”.

In your example ( Matias_Zamora’s example) left and right are empty white fields specified by Columns. I would like to see the size of these fields on the iPhone 6s screen. But this is not important to me, since in my example I do not use this fields.


Please support horizontal scrolling/swiping.

This trick is not usable displaying text and images rotated at 90 degrees. Many problems with this that makes it not usable for a professional project.


I’ve remixed this great solution to dynamically add columns, so you can make a data driven left-right scrolling control



Now what about putting content in the boxes or in a real-world interface…

Been road blocks from this being useful.

The example below is a scrollable form that can accomodate any number of rows and any number of elements per row using nested loops and CLONE blocks. The text comes from firebase, but the photos are hard coded (I haven’t gotten that far populating my database).

Happy Thunking!


Perhaps using the Canvas to create something?

The other way this is possible is to use a web viewer, and dynamically add items to it in a row, using a horizontal lists or even good-old HTML tables.

If I get this working I will report back.