How to make a row swipeable left and right

i made a row and i wanna add buttons in it like 5-6 but i want it to be swipeable so i can add more buttons how can i add

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Hey Thunker,
So easy so simple.
In the properties / features check “scrollable”.
See the picture, please.


thank hayder but i already did tried that it didnt worked
i want it to move left right not up down and thing with scrollable is its semi scrollable as long as your thumb is up screen is up i want it go up and stay then next tile help me solve these two issues left right row swipe and up down scrollable

Hey @jxbclothes69gc7,

Two quick things. Firstly, there is an option to edit your posts of you want to add to or modify what you have already written. Just look for the :pencil2: button below your post, rather than deleting and creating a new one.

Secondly, what you are looking for is the ability to scroll horizontally.

Here is the generally accepted approach:

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Please support horizontal scrolling/swiping.

This trick is not acceptable for professional use. Content displays at 90 degrees, main column is quite tall and not controllable.