Create a 2020 Calendar

those boxes before day1 are disabled buttons and the color cannot be changed.
it is possible to enable them (set disable to false) and set them to a background color - but being enabled, they may be pressed inadvertently and would be detected on button click. also you would have to add logic to make the trailing cells after the last day to be colored the same way.


Can we delete the debug mode in this app, because its useless in trying the real app.Screenshot 2020-04-09 at 12.11.28 PM

Hey @juschan0605, welcome to the community and thanks for posting this question! :wave:
anytime you remix an app, you are likely to see bits of unused code or code leftover from updates. If the app fully works, any blocks that look like that can be removed. If they are greyed out, it means they are not part of the active code structure and arent helping/hurting the performance of the app.

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Okay @jared
Thanks for helping, as I am planing to make a Task Reminder App that requires a calendar in the app. :smiley: :smiley:

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Thank you! I know realize how simple it was, I should’ve thought of that.

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@juschan0605 I like leaving little artifacts like this in sample apps because it gives others a little window into how I develop my apps. So many new users post questions (statements!) here, asserting that something is broken, and the haven’t done the slightest bit of debugging themselves. I’d highly recommend using things like this when people build their own projects, and leaving it in also makes debugging easy(er) when you come to editing or updating the project in the future.

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Oh I see thanks a lot.

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hi~ I am new here. Your calendars are great!!
I wonder how to resize the width of the date buttons, because I didn’t find something like “width” or “size” in the block section. And also want to know how to adjust the “alignment” of the date rows :grinning:

If you look up a few blocks before this(message 19?) You’ll see how to change the widths. It’s not through blocks. Click on the design tab, click on the component then change the property in the right panel.


thank you so much! I didn’t notice the “PrototypeButton”. :rofl: Thankssss!


hey there! I can’t access your project, i think you turned it private. Could you help me?

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Hey @marcelohenrique5509x, sorry about that - it was due to how we now manage copy links.

I’ve updated my original post about with a link directly to the project page that you can use instead.

Hope that helps!

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Hey @marcelohenrique5509x most thunkers are private

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thanksssss a lot

@han_jinsung, this was just the same issue that we discussed here yesterday.

No problem!

Hey, sorry to be asking you again, but I’m getting some error when running your project. I didn’t change anything. Do you know what is wrong?

please provide a new link

Hey I have been trying to do add this calendar into my app with no success, what I did is I copied the app and worked my app on top of yours. Whenever changing the language of the months, all the buttons turn into prototype buttons as they all are blue and show number 1. Can you pleae help and tell me if there is anything to solve this issue?

Can you share a screenshot or a project link @rafa34rs7v?


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same same