Convert from Classic to X - How read screen density and size?

My Classic project reads screen densityDPI as well as screen X and Y size from the device, to calculate the size of various screen components and to optimally make use of a given screen size and formfactor.
How can I do this in Thunkable X?

Hey @Luc - appreciate this isn’t the exact same thing, but have you considered using relative sizing in Thunkable X?

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Yes I have as much as possible, but even then I need either the physical screen dimensions, or screenDpi and the screen formfactor, or X and Y screensize, to accomodate various devices, from smartphones to tablets, in order to not just scale with the screensize, but also reconfiguring the position of various elements on the screen and fully exploit the space available.
In Classic this was accomplished using extension “SpecialTools1” .DensityDpi and .getScreenX and .GetScreenY.
As an example: the upper part of this screenshot should have the same physical size nomatter which device it is displayed on.

I also noticed the screen features: computed Width and computed Height, which for my iPhone 6S is 375 and 517.5 respectively, what do these actual numbers represent?

I just noticed that the 375 is half of the iPhone screen width, and 517.5 is half the screen height (screen meaning Thunkable screen = iPhone screen minus all the status information)
I am gettin closer, but still I cannot compute the physical size.

is somehow related to the physical size of the device screen, but not exactly. Probably more related to the pixel density,which for the devices I use for testing (Galaxy A5, Galaxy S2, Moto 4, iPhone 6S, Alcatel POP) sit in a rather close range. This solves my problem.
I could have saved a considerable amount of time had this feature been documented.
Thanks for the help,