Continuum Browser (This project was delayed due to some issues)


#Continuum Browser
by Alexandru
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Extensions I used:


Continuum Browser is a Material Design Web browser, currently in BETA stage.
My goal was it to create a minimalistic and simple, yet unique web browser that gets out of your way and lets you concentrate on the content. By designing Continuum Browser according to Google’s Material Design I was able to create a clean and beautiful interface.


A browser that gets out of your way.
Continuum Browser provides all features you would expect from your browser. I try to keep everything simple yet functional so you can focus on what on stuff that really matters.

Yet Unique

A browser that adapts to the website theme.
Websites that provide a theme color really shine in Continuum Browser. Say goodbye to boring plain white browser toolbars and let Continuum Browser transform your online experience.


A browser that lets you know when you’re on a secured page, or not. (not like the others already does it ).


A browser that lets you do more.
Do what you want, the way you want. I provide a sane set of options so you can customize Continuum Browser to your needs without loosing the focus.

Here some screenshots. Will be available in the Play Store as soon as the development is done.

How to use google's material design in thunkable

Unique design!


Beautiful app


Wow, although doesn’t look like made with Thunkable :slight_smile:


It is made with Thunkable, but with some extensions I was able to make this. It’s still not done, but when will be done I’ll give an URL and .apk file :slight_smile:


what about revealing the extensions you used to give credit to the extension developers?


14 isn’t that many, perhaps you could upload a screenshot of your extensions folder in the designer for now? The extension developers have put in a lot of work to create these resources and it’s a nice endorsement when they are used in apps that have been published.


I do know and I have say a BIG THANK YOU to all developers that have made all those extensions. I will update the description with the list of extensions I used with link. :blush:


Thank you for using my extensions! Good to see them working! But, I want to add that ExtendedWebViewer extensions was developed by me and @Sivagiri_Visakan


Thank you too. :blush:


thank you for using some of my extensions
keep up the good work


Thanks, you too :blush:


Very nice app Good work :smiley:


Thank you :blush:


Wow,@Alexandru … Your UI is very beautiful… I’m sorry i’m new here but how do you create the menu?


Well, it’s hard to explain. I’ll give an .aia file with an example today, after school. :slightly_smiling_face:


Great, i’ll be waiting…


Wait, I think I can now. It won’t take too much.
EDIT: Try it: PopUp_Example.aia (11.0 KB)


Very impressive - I love the UI; it’s clean and well designed. Good job!


Como le has dado la sombra, amigo? / How have you given the shadow, friend?